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There are several reasons for choosing Volandoresor as your strong partner on the net but the main reasons is security, simplicity and our competitive prices.
Volandoresor is now the company close to you and who want to help you as a customer to make a good deal! We have customers all over the country, which we are happy and proud.

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    Following our customer´s needs, we add a new service to the online industry.
Now you can use Swish for faster money transfers!
The Swish number is owned by our partner Ria Financial. Now you can send money from wherever you are - at home, work or anywhere where you will have access to the Internet.

Volandoresor is agent for Norwegian!
You can now book low fare tickets with Norwegian.
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Travel Request.


Are you going to the USA?
Thanks to the low dollar many people choose to travel to the USA. When entering the USA all travellers must have a machine readable passport plus visa if required. Fill in the  APIS-formuläret that you leave upon check-in. Don´t forget to register at the American Authoities no later than 3 days before entering the country. This entry permit is mandatory as from the 12 of January 2009. If you do not request a permit, you are denied boarding.

Read more here:
Electronic System for Travel Authorization!

Volandoresor grows together
with Ria Financial!
Support is available in Swedish, English and Spanish.



The competition in collaboration with Ria is settled.
The lucky winner is Ratiba Halaa, congratulations & good trip!

We welcome you all to Festival Latino Malmö 2014! We thank everyone who came and cheered our booth at the Latino Festival in Malmö.

Are you picking up somebody at the airport?
See if the flight arrives on time atLFV 

Are you going to Thailand?
Important! Yor passport must be valid at least six months after your return date. A visa is required if you plan to stay more than 30 days. 

Feel like going on a trip to Argentina?
No problem, there are plenty of flight tickets!
Visit the elegant city of Buenos Aires and learn to dance tango or explore the Patagonia!
Interested? Make a  Travel Request !

                         Let us fulfil your travel dreams!  
Sun, salty sea, culture, wild adventures, untouched nature or maybe pulsating cities with shopping and exciting night life!

Whatever you choose, we´ll take you there!
A whole world is waiting for you out there...

If you wish  to purchase a PTA, Transfer, or you have other requests, please contact your travel agent!

We speak many languages and we are looking forward to help You!

Are you looking for special prices such as group discounts (at least 10 persons), arrangements for companies or newly weds, please forward your request to us.
Just click  Travel Request and fill in the form.
- web page open around the clock!

Treat yourself to a unique experience in Cuba!
Cuba ... authentic, exotic, with fantastic locations. Dance salsa, listen music in the streets, unpolished restaurants and nightlife, lush landscapes, gorgeous beaches, colorful history and famous specialties ... experience this exciting island and have an unforgettable holiday.

Volandoresor uses  the booking system Worldspan and Amadeus. You have the possibility to check your itinerary on-line! Choose between several languages. Fill in your name and booking reference number Please note that hours are always stated in local  time.

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LåsOur web shop accept direct payment via your bank. You can easily pay your dream trip or payment order directly through your online banking access. The money is deducted directly from your account when you accept the transfer. Please note that we only send e-ticket / transactionsnumber when we see the customer money registered on our bankaccount. The information is stored safely and is not forwarded to unauthorized third parties.



Want to learn to dance Salsa? Choose Cuban Dance Academy!
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