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Volandoresor are pleased to offer you amortization on very favourable terms on which we collaborate with Collector Bank.

This Offer is only valid if you purchase your trip through us.

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  Conditions for applying for credit:
» You must be 20 year of age.
» Fixed income from employment or pension.
» No payment defaults.
» Income of at least 120.000 SEK per year.
» Swedish citizen and has resided in Sweden for at least three years.

   Benefits for the customer:
The maximum credit is 30 000 SEK and the lowest is 2000 SEK. How much credit you can receive depends on your income. The credit is interest and payment-free for 3 months.
During the three interest and payment-free months you will not get any  invoices. The first bill comes after the three months. There after, the monthly interest rate is 1.65%. Unless otherwise specified, the credit is automatic up to 24 months.
If you want a longer / shorter payback you can change that by contacting Collector Bank.
Setup fee 225 SEK - charged only first invoice.
Notification Fee 35 SEK - charged every month.
Once you have paid 6-10 slips, there is the opportunity to expand credit.

Send a copy of your valid ID-document (driver´s license, passport or other approved identity document) to us at email  info@volandoresor.se
Note that incorrect or incomplete credit application will automatically be rejected.
We co operate with
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I have no credit history.
I hereby declare that the information provided is accurate and complete. I allow Collector Bank make a customary credit check in which the employer may be contacted. The lender reserves the discretionary right. If your loan application is approved, we will contact you by phone.

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