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Dear customer,
Volandoresor is your completely travel agency.

We offer regular flights as well as send money transfers worldwide.
Since you do the work yourself through to find, book and pay for your trip/transfer directly on our site, we can make it much cheaper for you.

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Our team has several years experience in the travel industry and we can  help you in the following languages: Swedish, English and Spanish.

Our goal is to be the best travel agency and money transfer agent on the internet! We are going to make every effort to keep more advantageous prices. It is safe and convenient to book scheduled flights and use Money Transfer service with us.

We are working and staking hard to market ourselves further and to keep climbing higher. Today we are advertising in the newspapers, radio and on the Internet and we do appreciate your comments on volandoresor.se

Our partners are established tour operators and airlines!
This means that our services have a high standard and we can offer a wide range of travel options. We look forward to having you as a customer with us and wish you a pleasant journey with many beautiful experiences!

Volandoresor holds the following Website:


Arlanda Express


Why Volandoresor?
Volandoresor is a completely web-based and privately owned travel agency based in Stockholm. The company was registered in 2003 (view registration certificate) and with our 14 years of experience to meet our customers needs, you can feel safe when you engage our services online!
In addition to scheduled flights worldwide, we offer you also service of money transfer which you in a quick, safe and cheap way to send money abroad.
The benefits of all communication is being done on the Internet is that wherever you are, you can easily take advantage of our services.

Try us, you too – and become one of our satisfied customers!

How is it cheaper for me?
Be smart and save money by booking yourself & buy your flight ticket directly online!
Today it is common practice to make your flight reservation yourself, you can choose in peace and quiet and saves it into the costs that would otherwise be added for personal service by phone.

If you choose not to book & buy your flight ticket yourself online, but ask us to do your entire reservation, a service fee of SEK 300/booking. (Normal price SEK 450/booking)
Customers who pay for personal service can call/e-mail us and get help with wishes for your journey, both before and after you’ve booked with us.

Do you have questions about scheduled flights so please email us in the first instance, or contact our customer service for travel:
Local Phone: 08-333 600
International (Swedish, English, Spanish): +46 8 333 600

Note! Our phone load is highest at the end of each month.

Customer Service
Would you like more detailed information, please contact any of our agents:
ulla@volandoresor.se        margarita@volandoresor.se
jennifer@volandoresor.se    cesar@volandoresor.se

Our team is extremely quick and efficient and we will respond to all e-mails usually already within a few hours during weekdays. Note that end-month, we have the highest working pressure and therefore cases take a longer than usual. If we need to investigate your money transfer case, it can take up to 24 hours before you get a response when we ourselves have to wait for feedback from the selected agent/bank in the destination country. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Important! You, the customer is required to give your correct e-mail address. We answer all e-mails in the order they come in to us. You can´t speed up the response by sending multiple e-mails about the same case. Today there are too sophisticated spam filters, that filters or blocks e-mail, so be sure not to send too many e-mails about the same case and our system is blocking you. Do not forget to allow incoming messages from info@volandoresor.se in your e-mail program, otherwise we cannot guarantee that our e-mail arrives. Volandoresor is not responsible for the consequences of the incorrect information submitted.

Welcome to contact us at Volandoresor
How can we help you?

epost support

Moneytransfer Service
Now you can use Swish for faster money transfers!
Pay the amount you want to send to the RIA Swish account 123 041 20 15.
Write your customer number as a reference for the payment.

Business information

Post address: Kavallerigatan 24,  194 75 Upplands Väsby (View on map)
Momsreg.nr/VAT-Org.nr:  SE969697476601
Registered office: Stockholm
Bankgiro: 5697-2185 
Bank account: 83279-983 190 112-0 
Swiftcode: SWEDSESS
Approved for F-taxes
Emergency telephone for urgent matters: 070-414 76 82

(Only for customer who Pay for personal service)
We have closed all red days, according to the Swedish calendar. Day before red days, close customer service 16.00

LåsOur web shop accept direct payment via your bank. You can easily pay your dream trip or payment order directly through your online banking access. The money is deducted directly from your account when you accept the transfer. Please note that we only send e-ticket / transactionsnumber when we see the customer money registered on our bankaccount. The information is stored safely and is not forwarded to unauthorized third parties.

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In Sweden  we do our marketing in newspapers, radio and direct mail and targeted search engine advertising on the Internet using Google AdWords.
Here we present a selection of our ads and sponsored links:
Please listen about us at the following radio stations in Stockholm:
lyssna! Radio Bahia 88.9 fm.
lyssna! Radio Caupolican 88.4 fm.  
We have chosen to prioritize our social presence on Facebook:
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